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November 26, 2005

Why people often confuse Toronto (yes, Toronto) with New York

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Posted by Dominic Basulto


The official Web site of the city of Toronto brazenly includes a list of productions (both film and TV) shot in Toronto, while supposedly representing New York. There's a whole archive of films, from 1979-2004. In just the past three years, for example, The Cinderella Man, Dark Water, Ice Princess, 111 Gramercy Park (a TV pilot), Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle were all filmed in Toronto.

Here's a link to "Great Locations to Shoot in Toronto" from the Toronto Film & Television Office -- see if any of these locations can possibly recreate the ambience and feel of New York City. The image to the left, for example, is Union Station Hall - a poor man's version of Grand Central Terminal.

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1. dave on January 31, 2006 09:57 PM writes...

i can sense some sarcastic tone in your type when you talk about people confusing toronto for nyc, not only is toronto more diverse, and Cleaner then New York, which in my opinion is the most over rated city in the world , Toronto also has a close knit community that looks out for one another, even though 2005 was the most violent with 82 murders it pales in comparison to that hole you live in, so keep your sarcastic remarks to yourself Mr.Basulto, so for anyone looking to have a great time, with landmarks, shopping and nightlife come on up to T.O

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2. Joe on April 8, 2006 03:29 PM writes...

I live in Toronto and been to New York. Maybe New York is not the perfect city but still head over heels more interesting then Toronto. If Toronto is more cleaner then New York then New York must have giant mountians of trash like Toronto had during the garbage strike a couple years ago. As for the close knit community that looks out for each other, that maybe be true if you actualy belong to that community, if not then good luck. And if you want to compare New York to a hole then go visit Scarborough, North York, Lake Shore, not to mention other run down areas of Toronto that are advertised as "artsy" or "cultural". Toronto will allways remain a little big city that tries to compare to true Mega Cities, but allways seems to fail.

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