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October 18, 2005

Would you like a blog with that burger and fries?

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Posted by Dominic Basulto


At the BlogOn social media summit in New York on Monday, McDonald's took the hamburger wrapping off a new corporate blogging program. ClickZ has more details on the McBlogs:

"Last week, the company began an internal program that introduced corporate blogs, available only on the corporate intranet, behind the firewall. While this is seen as a small first step, it's an important one in a company the size of McDonald's... Using a publishing platform from iUpload, McDonald's has initiated a program for several departments and executives to begin blogging. It kicked off the program last week with a live blogging session by McDonald's President and COO Michael Roberts. Senior executives gathered around to watch as employees were given the chance to ask Roberts questions during the two-hour session."

(photo credit: Glubeburne on Flickr)

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