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August 30, 2005

The re-branding of New York Magazine

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Posted by Dominic Basulto

The New York Times takes a closer look at the makeover of New York Magazine, which will kick off with the magazine's first advertising campaign in almost eight years. The new million-dollar campaign is noteworthy, if for no other reason than it will "change contents almost every day":

"The centerpiece of the campaign, which carries the theme "This is New York," will be posters at five subway stations in Manhattan that are to be replaced each weekday. (The poster pasters will get a break on weekends.) ... Many of the posters, scheduled to appear from Friday through Sept. 30, will be related to events of the day or week they are to run. For instance, as the Red Sox arrive in the Bronx on Sept. 9 to play the Yankees, the posters that day are to present the results of the teams' previous meetings this season - with space to write in the score of the game that night."

In addition to ramping up the subscriber lists, the ad campaign hopes to woo back magazine advertisers, many of whom have embraced the Internet. The changing daily nature of the New York Magazine ads, one supposes, is a way to mimic the ease of changing ads on the Internet. The ads will also highlight a rebranding of the magazine's Web site to, from That old URL for New York Magazine was kinda annoying, come to think of it.

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