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August 26, 2005

New Yorker ads right on Target

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Posted by Dominic Basulto

Target ad.jpg

As almost everyone knows by now, The New Yorker turned into a giant Target ad in its August 22nd issue. Shocked by Target's audacity, The Chicago Sun-Times could only sputter out a scathing review of the unique advertising/editorial collaboration:

"It can only be described as the most jaw-dropping collapse of the so-called sacred wall between editorial and advertising in modern magazine history. And it happened this week -- of all places -- at arguably the country's most prestigious magazine, the New Yorker. In the wake of a puff piece by New York Times advertising columnist Stuart Elliott last week announcing Target had cut a deal with the New Yorker to become its sole advertiser for the magazine's Aug. 22 edition, copies of that issue began arriving in mailboxes and hitting newsstands this week. Now we can see exactly what the results of that deal are: A 90-page publication where it is almost impossible to discern any line of demarcation between Target's advertising and the New Yorker editorial product."

Since the Target ads are not on The New Yorker Web site, we turn to Fimoculous for the visuals: the site has a whole collection of full-color pictures from the issue. In addition, Fimoculous tallied up the damage from Target's "advertising chutzpah":

"The NY Times says Target paid around $1.1 million, for which I count 14 full-page spots and 8 one-third pagers. True to the discount retailers motto "Pay Less, Expect More," one observer found 200 Target logos in the first 19 pages of the mag."

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